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This waterfall is located in the East Godavari district. Source of this waterfall is a tributary river of Godavari. Average elevation of this place is 162 meters high from mean sea level. Rampachodavaram is also a census town in the East Godawari district. Basically this area is tribal habited and no civilized culture is seen here. The exact location of this area is 50 kilometers away from Rajahmundary district. The class composition of the population of this area is fifty percent men and fifty percent women. This type of sex ratio is unique in entire India. Surrounding locality is familiar for the film makers as natural and scenic spots are filled at every stem at Rampachodavaram.

Location of this area can be finding in Atlas between coordinates 17.4500°N 81.7667°E. A ride or drive not more than 50 kilometers from Rajahmundary will take a person to this waterfall. One can choose the way from Hyderabad via Khammam but the connecting road is in worst condition. Better to choose the highway crossing through Vijaywada to reach this location if coming from Hyderabad.

It is believed that saint Durvasa visited this place and wanted a bath. At that time River Godavari was flowing in very narrow streams and even not able to wet a person. Saint Durwasa got angry, threw his ‘Kamandal’ on ground and cursed that this river will have to serve millions in future if not able to provide a bath to a single person. Since then the streams of river Godavari divided into various parts and this waterfall came into existence.

Flora and Fauna
The entire surroundings of Rampachodavaram fall are full of natural scenic beauty. The greenery around the fall and the location is clad with dense forestry. Different types of herbs are found in this location. Bamboo trees and their bunch are the natural habitat of various species of snakes and other reptiles. Goh is one of the most dangerous reptiles found in the forests of this area. Wide ranges of medicinal plants are also found there and medical institutes often visit this area in search. The bed of waterfall is also not very sloppy and thus provides a natural shelter to Black spotted Turtle, Crabs (with various varieties) and fishes of calm nature. Sometimes typical Dolphin specie is also seen in this water reservoir.

Near this waterfall, a dance festival is organized every year where famous tribal dance Vela is displayed. During this dance, the costumes are used by the dancers are very attractive. In another dance performance, men perform the tribal dance with a special headgear of Horns in their head.

At a small distance of 20 kilometers from Rampachodavaram, a hill station named Maredumilli is located. This hill station has richness of coffee and rubber plants. A wildlife sanctuary is also located at this area where people can enjoy. The route to this hill station passes through a dense and green forest which is self explanatory of adventurous nature of this area.

This place can be accessed by a boat ride from Rajamundary. From various parts of the state and also across the country, this area is accessible. By air access is also possible as this district has an airport located at a distance of 109 kilometers at place Madhurapudi. Rajamundary is the nearest railway station to reach this point. By road journey is possible as the spot is located on national highway No. 5. In order to enhance tourism in Andhra Pradesh, APTDC is also running bus services for accessing this waterfall.


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